Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a solution for next generation manufacturing technologies or smart technologies. Emnics provides solution for remote data monitoring and control both locally(Zigbee,RFetc) and globally(IoT).

Defence and Aerosapce

Emnics MIL grade electronic designs and Air Bone electronics can withstand even the rugged environment. We develop Back Plane Motherboard, Digital communication Terminal,Digital multiplexer

Motion Control

Emnics provides high precision motion control technology and custom motioncontrol  system design such as 3D printer electronics, XYZ Table control electronics, Robotic arm controller, stepper and DC motor drivers.

IoT Gateways

Emnics IoT gateways provides the users, the flexibility to Implement secure Internet of Things for a variety of application which can be customized according to user needs and requirements.

Featured Project

Connected Machines РExtended Data Monitoring and Control 

Increasing globalization and more and more complicated machinery and software, creates the wish to remote machine diagnostics, monitoring and control.EDMC will provide diagnostic and maintenance of machine(s) which are remotely located (Local Wireless Connection or Global Connectivity over internet). EDMC (IoT Based Data Monitor and Control) can change the settings, take an action or indicate error messages for faulty or alert situations, so that you can take an action to diagnosing the faulty area or for quick replacement of modular units.
  • Reduction of Downtime Cost

  • Reduction of Manpower for maintenance

  • Overall production Logging will help you track the productivity.

  • Machine down alert will reduce the time taken for troubleshoot the fault.

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