EMNICS Ethernet IO Card

EM-EtherIO-R0 is an Ethernet based Industry controller. A Discrete IO Card powered by 32 bit 120MHz ARM Cortex M4 core CPU.

The EM-EtherIO-R0 board Loaded with peripherals which very common in industry standards such as isolated I/O ports, RTCC ,EEPROM ,PWM,USB, RS232, RS 422 Interface, built-in analog Input(0 to 3.3V), On board LED, Buzzer etc.


  • USB-MSD for data logging.
  • 10Base-T/100 Base –TX PHY with RMII support Ethernet ControllerEMNICS RIGEL-3
  • RS232/485 Interface
  • On Board RTCC
  • On Board EEPROM- 4K/ 8K
  • 4 On Board LED
  • One On Board Buzzer
  • 6 Analog Input (16 Bit- 0 to 3.3V)
  • 16 Isolated Digital Normal Open Output
  • 16 Optically Isolated InputEMNICS-EthernetCard
  • Six 16 bit PWM out channel
  • 12 Optional GPIO with Trans-In Voltage Protection
  • External Power 12-24V


  • Industrial Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Remote device monitoring, controlling
  • Data logging
  • Ethernet based IO Control and Monitor
  • Embedded Web Server

Download the Datasheet