ESCUDO is a new Expansion board compatible for both Raspberry PI Model B+ and PI-2,PI-3 with rich IO features. ESCUDO-EMX1 can be integrated with other embedded boards where Isolated GPIOs are required. ESCUDO makes the work easier for the end users to interface their embedded boards with external devices, since it provides lot of built-in features like Analog input, isolated output etc. Escudo also provides features such as On Board Buzzer, RTCC, EEPROM for emerging Raspberry Pi learners to start with Raspberry Pi.

ESCUDO Features

  • On Board RTCC
  • On Board EEPROM- 4K/ 8KESCUDO-1
  • On Board Buzzer
  • Eight Analog Input (10 Bit- 0 to 3.3V)
  • Eight Isolated Digital Normal Open Output  ( RELAY Output)
  • Eight Optically Isolated Input
  • Auxiliary Darlington pair Ex-Connector
  • Terminal Block Connectors
  • No External Power is required

Application ESCUDO-2

  • Industrial Automation
  • Educational Projects
  • Robotic Projects
  • IoT
  • Heavy Load Control
  • Home Automation
  • Any Isolated I/O Interface with Raspberry PI 2/ B+

Download Source Code and Python Library from GitHub

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