Industrial Segment

Extended Data Monitoring and Control

Increasing globalization and more and more complicated machinery and software, creates the wish to remote machine diagnostics, monitoring and control.

EDMC will provide diagnostic and maintenance of machine(s) which are remotely located (Local Wireless Connection or Global Connectivity over internet). EDMC can change the settings, take an action or indicate error messages for faulty or alert situations, so that you can take an action to diagnosing the faulty area or for quick replacement of modular units.

EDMC have a set of Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Relay Drivers and Remote Connectivity over Zig Bee Network/ Wi-Fi. Each EDMC Node is connected to a central EDMC unit where all data will be cascaded to upload to a Server or Local system. In addition to database, EDMC can send SMS/Alert Signal about the status or error code of the respective node machines.


EMNICS – Extended Data Monitoring and Control System

Who is an EDMC Customer?

EDMC will be accommodated in Heavy Equipment Industries where machines or instruments require continuous monitoring.

Benefit of EDMC

How often do your maintenance engineers visit the instruments? What is your each hour downtime cost? If sometimes machine is down how is it before you know about it?

EDMC will provide a real time monitoring of each part (critical sections) of machine and if there are any signs of trouble, you can know about it immediately.

EDMC will assure that your machine is doing what it’s supposed to do.

  • Reduction of Downtime Cost
  • Reduction of Manpower for maintenance
  • Overall production Logging will help you track the productivity.
  • Machine down alert will reduce the time taken for troubleshoot the fault.