Industrial Technology

Industrial Electronics and Automotive

EMNICS Providing Highly process oriented, Innovative and custom Electronics and Embedded Solution for Industrial Automation and Automotive Electronics

Custom Electronics and Embedded System Design service.
Industrial Ethernet / Rs232/ USB / RS485/ Based IO Cards

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Motion Control and Robotics

Our Motion control products Includes wide range of Motor Drivers, Motion Control cards-Two Axis to Six Axis. EMNICS unique Embedded System designed to meet your unique needs like SPM (Special Purpose Machine), XYZ Table , Pic and Place Machine etc.. EMNICS will provide motion control solutions from concept to product level.

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Defence and Aerospace


We are a Promising company looking forward great opportunity in Defence and Aerospace. EMNICS Engineers are well experienced in Defence and Space market prior to EMNICS. With our Dedicated Engineering team We are capable to do the following Technology Solution, Production and R&D for Defence and Aerospace market.

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