We are a Promising company looking forward great opportunity in Defence and Aerospace. EMNICS Engineers are well experienced in Defence and Space market prior to EMNICS. With our Dedicated Engineering team We are capable to do the following Technology Solution, Production and R&D for Defence and Aerospace market.


  • Rugged Electronics and Embedded Design solution/ service for Aerospace and Defense
  • Ethernet based IO Card
  • Power Supply Control Card
  • Power Management¬†¬† Units over Ethernet , For Backplane Cabinet Monitoring , On Line Power control etc
  • Cabinet Monitoring System. Cabinet Monitoring system is networked sensor system communicating with a master controller, to monitor and alert the various parameters of cabinet environment conditions like, Temperature, Humidity, Slot Availability, Cooler Fan Health Condition Etc.
  • Avionics Test Bench and Mission Computer Simulator
  • Programmable Load testing system for Mission Critical Power Supply.
  • Optimum Flow control monitoring system for Aerospace Rocket Propellant research labs
  • Robotics Control card and Firmware design for ROVER Projects