Industrial Electronics and Automotive

EMNICS Providing Highly process oriented, Innovative and custom Electronics  and Embedded Solution for Industrial Automation and Automotive Electronics

  • Custom Electronics and Embedded System Design service.
  • Industrial Ethernet / Rs232/ USB / RS485/ Based IO Cards
  • Industrial Display Panel
  • Wireless Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Embedded HMI Solutions
  • Zig Bee / Blue Tooth / Wi- Fi Based Wireless Data Communication Solutions
  • Data Mining and Product Plant Monitoring and Logging
  • Remote Diagnostic and Trouble Shooting Solutions
  • Protocol Development or Data Processing for , Profi Bus, Modbus , Ether cat , CAN , RS485 , RS232.FlexRay, LIN . Etc .
  • Industrial SCADA Solution
  • IoT Protocol, M2M Solutions.